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Wand per massaggi ad alta intensita'

119,00 € iva comp.

For highly intensive massages!

Massage wand with an extra big head and a flexible neck to also massage areas that are hard to reach. The extra strong vibrations can be controlled intuitively at the push of a button. The longer the button is pressed, the stronger the vibrations get. The integrated cable is equipped with a useful USB plug. It also includes a rechargeable Play Palm Power powerbank which supplies the wand with power on the go.

Complete length 19 cm, Ø 4 cm. Cable length 250 cm. ABS, silicone, aluminium allo

Etichetta: palma Colore: grigio Materiale: ABS, Silikon, Aluminiumlegierung
Lunghezza: 19,0 cm Diametro: 4,0 cm Peso: 355 g

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